Maintenance & Warranty

"Every time I see something new come through with mrc, it's always something that I'm excited about. I'm just excited to see what you guys are going to come up with next."
--Angela Newbill, HR Manager, ERMCO

Nothing but the best

At mrc, we believe that the best way to keep our customers is to provide the best customer service and support we possibly can. That's where our Maintenance & Warranty program comes in. We believe it is in a league of its own when it comes to the services and benefits provided. Here are a few features included in the program:

Frequent Upgrades

m-Power has no versions or releases, only frequent upgrades--around 1-2 times per month! We work hard to develop upgrades that will both enhance m-Power and make our customers more successful. Every customer on our Maintenance & Warranty program has access to each and every upgrade, at no extra cost. Here are a few benefits that come with this unique format:

  • Significant Savings

    With many software packages, there are new versions or releases every couple years. If the latest version has features that your company needs, you would have to purchase it, even if your current software is only a couple years old. On the other hand, m-Power has no new versions or releases, only frequent upgrades. You can rest assured knowing that you won't have to buy anything new to get the latest m-Power enhancements.

    How do you upgrade m-Power? Just log into the customer portal to download the latest upgrade, simple as that.

    Significant Savings
  • Always Current

    Most software you buy will eventually become outdated. Even if you hold off on purchasing a few new releases, you will eventually need to bite the bullet and buy a new version. Have you ever used software that doesn't become outdated? Because of our unique maintenance plan, which involves frequent upgrades rather than costly new versions, m-Power is always current. It is a living, breathing, organic software that is constantly being enhanced.

    Imagine this: If you buy m-Power right now, it will still be as up-to-date and current in 10 years as it is today.

    Always current
  • Time Savings

    Many times, when you buy a new software version, you need to install and configure it all over again. There's also a good chance that the interface has changed since the last version, which will take some time getting used to.

    m-Power is different. You won't have to reinstall or reconfigure m-Power with every upgrade. Even if you upgrade m-Power twice a month, it won't alter your current configuration or interface. Simply download the latest upgrade at your convenience and continue working as normal, with the same familiar interface and configuration you are used to.

    Time savings

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Friendly, Intelligent Support

We are very proud of our tech support. If you run into a question or a problem, simply give us a call. We don't outsource our support or use call centers. Everyone you talk to is an m-Power expert who is more than happy to help and ready to answer any questions you may have. Most issues are resolved the same day you call. We are very pleased with our excellent customer support, and want our customers to feel the same way.

  • What are Customers Saying?

    "We have found mrc's support to quite literally rival that of IBM."
    -Ben Dinger, Midland Medical Supply Co

    "I believe the only thing that surpasses the m-Power product is the outstanding support provided through (mrc's) hotline."
    -Andrew Ostdiek, Bosselman Energy Inc

    "I appreciate all the support and attention to detail when I do have to contact mrc."
    -Lynne Skinner, Boise Paper Holdings LLC

    "MRC has a great product, and has shown us great support and training."
    -Terry Julian, HYCO International Inc

    What are customers saying?

Full Product Warranty

Our full product warranty is simple yet uncommon: If you find a bug in our software, we will fix it for you quickly and at no charge. You can choose m-Power with confidence knowing that we stand behind it 100% with our full product warranty.

N-Way Communication Mechanisms

In order to better serve our customers, we offer a variety of communication mechanisms designed to keep m-Power users as informed and productive as possible, including:

  • Support section

    The online support area is a section of our website designed solely for m-Power customers. It lets you access training guides, enhancements, tutorials, software updates, documentation, and many more beneficial tools. This area is frequently updated in order to keep our customers as up-to-date as possible.

    You can even subscribe to our RSS feeds and be instantly notified every time there is a new upgrade, enhancement, or document addition.

    Comprehensive support area
  • Customer Portal

    The customer portal is a dashboard environment where you can go to easily view all of your information. You can download the latest m-Power upgrade, view training courses, and have access to your customer profile. More importantly, you can submit hotline support issues without even picking up the phone. Any issues submitted through the portal will be immediately handled by our expert support staff.

    Customer Portal
  • Tech blog

    We offer a developer tech blog filled with great tips, techniques, and tutorials to improve your web applications. Topics range from m-Power tips to web design to general IT business information. Besides being filled with helpful information from our consultants, the tech blog is also open to m-Power customers who want to share their own tips.

    Developer Tech blog
  • Weekly "Cup of Joe" Blog

    Joe Stangarone, the president of mrc and a 30-year industry veteran, offers tips, insight, and industry news in the form of a blog. The weekly "Cup of Joe" blog can be accessed through our website, or you can sign up to receive it via a weekly email. The blog is also the place to get the latest mrc news, m-Power how to's, and the occassional prize giveaway!

    Weekly "Cup of Joe" Blog

Our Goal

The overriding goal with our Maintenance & Warranty program is to provide our customers with the support and guidance they need to be successful with m-Power. We want every customer to be a happy customer, and we try to demonstrate that every day through the service we provide. Please visit our Support Page for information on how to contact us.

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