m-Power Technical Specifications

The m-Power Technology Stack

m-Power is architected to be among the most open application development platforms available. It connects to any DB and runs on any OS. So it complements any existing technology stack. It generates modern, elegant Web applications, comprised of the most popular open source projects. m-Power is technology to be proud of.

Client Device Tier

PC, Mac, Linux

iPad, Android, Xoom, more

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, more

m-Power Generated Web Application Tier
App Servers

Apache Tomcat

Oracle GlassFish

IBM WebSphere

Presentation Layer


JQuery JavaScript

AJAX Framework

Programming Layer

JEE Java Servlets

Spring Framework

FreeMarker Templating

Google Code API's


Apache Commons

Database Tier
Operating System Tier

Microsoft Windows Server


IBM OS/400, AIX, z/OS

m-Power's open architecture allows for many other technologies to plug into apps on any tier.
Some third-party software that clients have plugged into m-Power:

  • Fusion Charts
  • Google Line Charts
  • Google Geo Charts
  • Adobe Flash
  • Java Applets
  • Adobe Flex

Here are just a few of the enterprise software brands that m-Power works with:

  • JD Edwards
  • Lawson
  • Mapics
  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft
  • SAP
  • SSA
  • Infor
  • Syspro
  • Epicor
  • Movex
  • Compiere
  • BPCS
  • Homegrown
  • More...

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m-Power Customers


mrc (US)
2001 Midwest Road
Suite 310
Oak Brook, IL 60523
mrc (UK)
Argyle House
1 Dee Road
Richmond, Surrey