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"Brian demonstrates outstanding business, technical, project management, and people skills. His commitment to customer satisfaction and success is exemplary. I have worked with many consultants as an IT executive. Brian is one of the most talented individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with."
--David Gillhouse, IT Director, Bimba Manufacturing

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Our consultants have a secret weapon

Our consultants are some of the best web application developers around. Since we opened for business back in 1981, we've learned a thing or two about application development and integrating business applications with existing enterprise software packages. So, If you have a project and need a Java consultant, Java Developer, or a web application developer, we have all of the above.

Our consultants are not only great web application developers, they also use a secret weapon which allows them to finish projects faster than you can imagine. They use m-Power to develop Java web applications very quickly, which gives them an enormous advantage over traditional hand-coding developers. As a result, mrc consulting projects will:
  • Speed

    Have you ever hired a Java consultant only to have the project drag on way past the deadline? m-Power allows our consultants to finish projects far quicker than ever expected. In fact, our web application developers generally shave about 80-90% off our customer's anticipated project timeline.

    Be completed very quickly
  • Savings

    It's simple math. The faster a consultant finishes the project, the less you have to pay. m-Power allows our consultants to finish projects much faster than a traditional Java consultant or Java developer, creating significant savings for our customers.

    Be extremely cost efficient
  • Consistency

    Because m-Power automates application development, our consultants can easily create applications with a consistent look and feel, which also adhere to your corporate branding guidelines.

    Provide consistent screens/architecture/design
  • Error-Free

    You know the drill. You hire a Java developer for a consulting project, but the testing takes nearly as long as the development. That's not the case with m-Power. Because m-Power automates code generation, there are no syntax errors. Since our web application developers don't need to worry about syntax errors, far less testing is required.

    What does this mean for you? It means that applications created by our web application developers will be up and running in no time!

    Require far less testing
  • Easily Enhanced

    Because m-Power generates industry standard java code, applications created by our consultants are free standing, and do not require m-Power for maintenance or enhancements. Also, our consultants can easily incorporate any custom logic that you currently use into the applications that are generated with m-Power.

    Be easily enhanced
  • Well Supported

    mrc has been developing Web applications for clients since 1997. Whenever those applications have needed enhancing, mrc is available to assist. Even if the preferred underlying Web architecture changes over time, the use of m-Power insulates the developer from that detail. As a result, the program can always be modified using the most advanced technologies, even if the application is decades old.

    Be very well supported

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Choose With Confidence

We realize that there are many Java Consultants and Java Developers to choose from when it comes to consulting projects. Choosing the best one isn't always easy. We firmly believe that m-Power gives our consultants the ability to complete projects faster, cheaper, and better than anyone else. In order to prove this to you, we can:
  • Proof-of-Concept

    Choosing the right consultant is a big decision, one that has a huge impact on your business. Rather than blindly making a choice, we like to demonstrate our abilities beforehand so you will know exactly what can be expected from mrc consulting. We can create a proof-of-concept using your own files, absolutely free and with no further obligation.

    Create a free proof-of-concept
  • A Success Story

    We've been doing this for a very long time, and as a result, we have many satisfied customers. We will gladly provide professional references and real-life examples of how mrc consulting has helped other companies just like yours. Here is one of our favorites:

    A manufacturing company wanted to create a web-based order entry system. They had poured over a million dollars into a project with some java contractors only to find themselves halfway done after over 2 years of work. The company regrouped and sought out alternatives. They got quotes from IBM and mrc Consulting. The mrc Consulting quote was so low that they needed a proof-of-concept project to even believe the claim. Ten weeks later, the Web app from mrc Consulting was in production.

    Provide professional references and success stories
  • Our Secret Weapon

    We realize that claiming a unique approach to Java consulting is nothing new. That being said, we would like to demonstrate our secret weapon, m-Power, to help you understand how it allows our consultants to finish projects faster, cheaper, and better than anyone else.

    Demonstrate our secret weapon, m-Power

Meet a few of our consultants

Rick Hurckes

With over 10 years of technical experience, Rick has been able to assist countless customers with his quick and courteous support.

Bruce Jin

Bruce is a software development professional with 15 years experience bringing products from concept to release.

Joe Stangarone

With a wealth of experience (over 30 years) across industries, platforms, and decades, Joe still gets a kick out of making businesses and their processes more productive and efficient.

Brian Duffey

Brian has over 10 years of technical support and thoroughly enjoys helping customers achieve their desired results.

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