Default Row Count automatically saved

Have you ever been frustrated viewing an application by needing to always reenter your custom number of rows each time you revisit a page? Newly created applications built on or after the October 2014 m-Power update, now automatically remember how many rows you set to display for your Multiple Record Inquiry, Grid Update Maintainer and… Continue reading »

How to Upgrade the mrc Menu to Allow Assigning Multiple Roles to Users

How to Upgrade the mrc Menu to Allow Assigning Multiple Roles to Users If you have recently checked out our enhancements page, you’ll know that we recently put together new mrc Menu logic that allows developers to assign a user to multiple roles. However, this logic will only be assigned to new menus. In other… Continue reading »

Modify Summary File Names By Dictionary

One of the most flexible uses of m-Power is the ability to use a table from anywhere on your database within an application. This is very useful for times where you have an ERP that needs to be used across multiple dictionaries. Alternatively, there will also be times where a summary file has been created… Continue reading »

Storing Session Information

Storing Session information Using the User Session Template Occasionally, you may want to save a variable for use in other applications. The User Session Template allows you to do so, offering improved user convenience and security. For instance, a user can select a variable to be stored, such as product number, and that variable’s value… Continue reading »

Advanced Graphing

Advanced Graphing m-Power’s graphing functionality uses Fusioncharts as its base logic. Fusioncharts allow m-Power developers to rapidly and easily create a wide variety of graphs. Within m-Painter, developers have several choices of graph templates. However, this list is not all-inclusive. Nearly any type of Fusionchart can be created within m-Power, with a bit of custom… Continue reading »