Clustering/Load Balancing Tomcat with Apache

Clustering/Load Balancing Tomcat has many performance implications within a production environment. For instance, developers and m-Power administrators can safely restart individual Tomcats without bringing down an entire production instance, as well as memory and resources are better balanced. There are two main steps in setting up a clustered Tomcat environment– configuring m-Power, and configuring Apache … Continue reading Clustering/Load Balancing Tomcat with Apache

Configure mrc Servlet Reloading

While there are many reasons why having a development instance and a production instance of m-Power is necessary, one of the strongest reasons is the instability of the development environment. With recompiling, constant changes, and Tomcat restarts, development is not designed for end users to access applications. This separation of environments works well for the … Continue reading Configure mrc Servlet Reloading