Bookmarking the Run-Time Sign-On Screen

m-Power now offers the ability for users to bookmark the run-time log-in screen. Beginning with the December 2012 update, users can bookmark the log-in page for their applications. This new feature will fix the 500 error displayed by the browser in the past when trying to bookmark a log-in page. The steps to implement this… Continue reading »

Tomcat 7 Special Server Config

Although m-Power will not begin shipping with Tomcat 7 for new installations until the beginning of 2013, many of our customers have decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Tomcat 7. Overall, the response has been quite positive. Developers report a slightly faster interface that is significantly more stable. One minor caveat of Tomcat… Continue reading »

Avoid the browser mess with conditional style sheets

As I explained in this article, the current web browser situation is a mess. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: Different browsers offer varying levels of support for modern HTML and CSS standards. In some cases, browsers may support certain standards, but in a different way than other browsers. What does this mean to application… Continue reading »

How to add a Twitter feed to your web application

Whether or not you love social media or you hate social media, it can really help your business apps. How? For one thing, it can provide valuable information that you can’t get from your data. For instance, your data can tell you what’s happening in your business. Social media can tell you what people are… Continue reading »

Installing Tomcat 7 on Windows

Installing Tomcat 7 on Windows   With the June 2012 release, m-Power now fully supports the use of Tomcat 7. For your convenience, this has been packaged into an exe file to automatically upgrade your m-Power instances from Tomcat 6 to Tomcat 7. Note: mrc strongly recommends installing Tomcat 7 only on development first, testing… Continue reading »