Interactive reporting is now available!

AnnouncementI wrote about our new Interactive reporting template a couple weeks back, and received many inquiries as to when it would be available in m-Power. I’m happy to report the wait is over! m-Power users just need to download the latest update from the customer portal.

For those unfamiliar with m-Power templates, here’s a quick two-sentence explanation. We create a wide variety of web application templates with all the features built right in. Then, m-Power users simply need to select a template, point it at their data, make necessary tweaks or adjustments, and they have a new application. If you can find a more efficient build process, I’d like to see it.

The new interactive reporting template comes with a bunch of new features already built in–features that we’re pretty excited about. Rather than me trying to explain every one, just check out this demo app. Can you believe that application was built in 15 minutes?

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