Office tech: Productivity boost or time drain?

ProductivityAll that technology we’ve brought into our lives and into the workplace increases productivity, right? Yes and no. If used correctly, the answer is yes. If not, technology has the ability to actually hurt productivity.

I recently read a great article on Computerworld entitled, “Office tech: Productivity boost or time drain?” It’s an interesting read, and may make you think twice about multi-tasking.

The article touches on another great point. Countless hours and dollars are wasted bringing in software that users either don’t know how to or don’t want to use. What seems like simple software to those making the purchasing decisions is baffling to some users. As a result, they either don’t use it or use it incorrectly. Either way, it’s a waste.

The answer: Find software that your end users can use as well. Let the users try it before you buy. If the end users refuse to use your new software, it’s practically worthless.

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