5 low-risk, high-reward experiments for IT

Save MoneyThis article on Computerworld.com gives some great advice for IT departments. It gives you ideas of things you can try to make IT more strategic to your business. As long as the business views IT as an order-taker, IT is at risk for outsourcing. When IT starts providing business benefits and technology ideas that help the bottom line, the business will start to see IT as a valuable asset.

If you’re in IT, how do you change management’s perceptions, especially if they currently view IT as order-takers? For starters, you must initiate new ideas that benefit the business. You already know technology. The trick is figuring out how to use the latest technology to benefit your company. If you need some ideas, the article has some great low-risk, high reward ideas for IT departments who want to demonstrate value.

Here’s a real-life example of an IT department taking advantage of technology to benefit the business. In their case, they figured out how to provide business solutions quickly, which management absolutely loves. You can read their story here.>>

About the author: Joe Stangarone is president and founder of mrc, a global software company which created the award-winning web application development tool, m-Power. m-Power reduces web application development time, lowers development costs, and increases productivity.

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