Executive dashboards made simple (and interactive)

Save TimeIf you need or have executive dashboards, you are going to love a couple of our latest enhancements. In short, they make dashboards great!

In our latest batch of enhancements, we’ve improved the m-Painter import panel and added a new widget panel. How does this affect executive dashboards? Here are a few ways:

Dashboards are now easier to create. The import panel provides a wizard-like approach to importing apps and creating dashboards.

Dashboards are more customizable. The widget panel lets you layout your dashboard in a number of different formats. The end user can even reposition their dashboard charts and graphs with simple drag-and-drop!

Dashboards are interactive. Creating dashboards with the record selection panel (as found in the interactive report and pivot table) is now incredibly simple. That means you can create interactive dashboards which let end users filter data in a live dashboard!

For example, suppose you wanted your dashboard to display data from customers in the Midwest. Or, suppose you wanted your dashboard to only display one product line. The record selection panel lets the dashboard users change the data displayed in the dashboard with just a simple mouse click.

As of now, we don’t have a demo of all these new features set up, but I will be sure to let you know when that demo goes live.

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