13 biggest technology myths

EducationIs using a cell phone on a plane during takeoff really dangerous? Will a magnet really erase your hard drive? If you think you know everything about tech, check out this article/slideshow on Infoworld.com entitled, “Technology’s biggest myths.” How many of those myths did you actually believe?

The article got me thinking: What are the biggest business technology myths? Are there any commonly held beliefs about business tech that aren’t as factual as most people believe? While I’m sure there are plenty of myths, here’s one that really jumps out to me:

Business technology myth: Offshoring always saves money.

The commonly held belief among business leaders today is that offshoring is a great money-saving option. On paper, it looks like a great idea. In reality, it’s fraught with risk. Off the top of my head, here are some of the most common risks of offshoring:

  • Security: We’ve heard about internal employees going rogue and damaging a company. What happens when offshore employees decide to steal company data?
  • Communication: Offshore workers don’t know your business, so everything must be explained in the greatest detail possible. On top of that, English isn’t usually their first language. On top of that, the time difference is huge. How do you communicate effectively when you don’t work at the same time?
  • Quality: How do you think outsourcing companies make a profit selling low cost services? They hire the cheapest talent.

Those are the top three ways that come to my mind, but there are plenty more. The problem is this: When many companies start considering offshoring, they get so blinded by the “savings” on paper, they miss all the potential risks. They also forget about offshoring alternatives, such as giving your employees the tools to do the job themselves.

How about you? Can you think of any other business technology myths?

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