Insulate your business from a struggling economy

Save MoneyThe economy is making a lot of news these days, but for all the wrong reasons. Some economists predict a double-dip recession, and many businesses fear the worst.

However, not every economy is struggling. Some countries currently have thriving economies. I know what you’re thinking: “Too bad we’re not doing business over there.” Here’s a question for you: Why not? The web opens up businesses to a global audience. Many companies could do business in other countries via the web, but don’t.

Why not?

Here’s my thought: If your company can do business via the web, why not branch out into other economies? Why not insulate yourself from the roller coaster ride that is the U.S. economy? That way, economic troubles won’t have such a profound effect on your business. When one economy is down, other economies might be up.

I do realize there are many hurdles to doing business in other countries. You must consider currency, culture, laws, language, etc… However, the potential payoff for many businesses could be huge. Your business could create a revenue stream that is unaffected by local economic struggles.

Of course, one of the biggest barriers is language. Doing business in another country is nearly impossible if prospects can’t understand your web page or web apps. If web app translation is an issue for your company, you might consider m-Power Translate. It’s a new way to translate web apps. In short, it nearly automates translation, creates apps in multiple languages with one process, and becomes more accurate the longer you use it. If you want to learn more, just fill out this form.

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