When does 1 report = 10 (or more)?

Save TimeWithin a company, everyone cares about a different aspects of data. The CEO probably cares about revenue. Sales managers might care about sales in their regions. Product managers care about their particular line. You get the idea.

Now when it comes to reporting, standard practice dictates that each level of user usually gets a different report. That means the developer is stuck making a bunch of slightly different reports for different users.

Here’s a better idea: What if you could make one report, and provide custom views within that report for each user? Essentially, what if you could make one report seem like many reports? That’s definitely a lot easier than making 10 different reports for 10 different users.

If that sounds interesting, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve just released a new m-Power feature called “Saved Searches” which lets you do just that. It lets developers create one web report and save specific filtering/sorting criteria for different users.

For example, you could create an interactive report with saved searches for the CEO that filters out revenue data. Within the same report, you could create saved searches for sales managers that filters out sales by region. Rather than create multiple reports, each user can access the same report but view data specific to their job. To top it all off, users can even create their own custom saved searches with their own filtering/sorting criteria.

Want to see it in action? You can even test the “Saved Searches” feature out for yourself. Just head on over to crazybikes, where you’ll find the ability to save searches inside the “Options” link on most pages.

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