How to recognize a bad software partner before it’s too late

Save MoneyPartnering with other companies is a great way to get ahead. Partnerships can open your company up to new prospects, give you access to new skills and expertise, and generally help you grow your business. Be careful though, not all partnerships are the same. Some are more involved, and lead to a higher level of complexity.

For instance, partnering with a software company is a bit trickier than most types of companies, depending on the purpose. Oftentimes, partnering with a software company involves integrating their software into your systems/software, leaning on them for services or support, or even distributing their software. All in all, the level of partnership is usually more involved. This means that choosing the wrong software partner can lead to headaches and even make your business look bad.

How can you recognize a bad software partner before it’s too late? What are the warning signs? Here’s a handy little one-page guide that lists several areas to look at before partnering with that software vendor.

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