Happy Holidays! Here’s a gift.

AnnouncementIt’s the holidays, and we’re in a giving mood. We’ve already given an iPad2 to the winner of our 2011 mrc Giveaway, and we’re not done yet. Today, I’d like to give you a gift that could help your company for years to come.

Before I do, let me first say this: We are truly grateful for all of our loyal customers. I think we have some of the best customers in the world, and I speak for everyone here at mrc when I say that we really do enjoy working with each and every one of you.

To show our appreciation this holiday season, I have a special gift for you. As you may know, we recently developed m-Power Translate, a separate translation plugin for use with our development software, m-Power. Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re giving m-Power Translate away as a gift to all current m-Power customers! Look for it in the next enhancement release, probably in the middle of January. In case you’re unfamiliar with m-Power Translate, I’ve written up a short description below.

That’s great…what does it do?

m-Power Translate takes a unique approach to translation. To understand how, you need to know a little about application architecture: Every application built with m-Power contains 3 layers: The database layer, the application logic layer, and the presentation layer (HTML). The image below illustrates this concept.

Every time you build an application, m-Power Translate generates multiple presentation layers of that application in as many languages as you wish. Logic built into the application interrogates the user’s browser for their preferred language, and displays the appropriate presentation layer.

This approach helps you in a couple of ways. First, it’s automatic. When you build one app, it’s instantly translated into multiple languages. Second, you’re left maintaining one application. While you may have 5 different presentation layers, they all share the same application and database layer. Any changes made to those layers instantly reflect across all presentation layers.

One more thing: The language dictionary

As you probably know, automated translation is never 100% accurate, especially when it comes to translating business terminology. To address this issue, m-Power Translate contains a language dictionary to store custom translations. Any time you run across a word or phrase that is translated incorrectly, you correct it and place it in the language dictionary. This ensures that m-Power Translate won’t make the same mistake twice.

As you might imagine, the language dictionary also means that translation becomes more and more accurate the longer you use m-Power Translate. After a while, it will generate near-flawless translations every time you build a web app. Think of all the time that will save!

We’re very proud of m-Power Translate, and hope you find it useful. If you’d like more information, this video explains the many benefits of translation and how m-Power Translate differs from other options.

Finally, from all of here at mrc: We wish you safe travels, and a very happy New Year!

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