Why some IT employees hate their job, and one way to help

Save Time“I don’t enjoy it at all,” said the young IT employee, staring at the floor in his cubicle. He pointed to a pencil on his desk: “You see that pencil right there? I would rather just stare at that pencil all day.”

The young man I was talking to was a couple years removed from college. At the time, he had chosen the IT field because he loved solving problems. He enjoyed building applications. When he started his first job, he really wanted to make a difference.

Now, he was planning on quitting IT altogether.

His IT job was no longer enjoyable or challenging. Instead, it had turned into a steady stream of tedious and repetitive tasks. Users had problems for him to fix. Users needed him to run reports for them. Even building applications had turned repetitive and boring. It seemed like he was typing the same code over and over and over…. Although busy every day, he felt like he never accomplished anything worthwhile.

This particular IT employee did eventually quit his job and go back to school, but many people facing these problems don’t have that luxury. They can’t just quit and go back to college. What’s the secret to avoiding these issues? I think it’s best explained with another story, but this one has a much different ending. The difference between each person’s quote pretty much tells the story:

“I get to do the fun stuff, and make it look nice, and then take the pat on the back when it comes out so quickly!”

This IT employee had just developed a dashboard that fixed a major problem for the company’s executives. She also had a few more projects in her sights, each of which would help her company. She was contributing to the company’s success, and having fun at the same time.

What’s the difference between these two people? The difference was, the second employee had discovered a way to eliminate the tedious repetitive work, and focus solely on getting things accomplished. To learn how, just read the whole story right here.

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