Weekly recap: 5 future technologies I can’t wait for, IT consumerization, and more…

EducationIn this week’s tech recap, you’ll learn some interesting statistics about mobile devices in the workplace, Java’s current adoption rate, and the percentage of English speaking online shoppers. Finally, you’ll also get a glimpse of where technology is headed. Sound good? Here are 4 of the most interesting tech stories from the past week. I hope you find them useful:

IT isn’t afraid of consumerization at all (infoworld.com)
My thoughts: Consumer devices in the workplace can actually be a huge benefit if handled correctly. Just build secure mobile web apps, put them behind a log in form, and let employees use whatever device they want. This lets you control the data and the access management, and doesn’t expose your company to a data breach in the event of a lost/stolen device.

5 future technologies I can’t wait for (techrepublic.com)
My thoughts: No, we won’t have flying cars in the near future, but the technology coming in the next few years might excite you. The fourth point in the article has huge business implications, and as this post illustrates, might just be closer than you think.

Java is dead? 9 million developers disagree (zeroturnaround.com)
My thoughts: Why can your business feel comfortable relying on Java? Take a look at the numbers: Countless businesses depend on Java every day to run their critical business applications. There are currently over 9 million Java developers. It is consistently one of the most popular skills on job boards. Java isn’t dying, it’s thriving.

12 tips for selling to a global audience (copyblogger.com)
My thoughts: Do you have any idea what percentage of online shoppers speak English? The answer might surprise you. The fact is, only 27% of online shoppers speak English. Did you realize that your English-only web apps were ignoring 73% of online shoppers?

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