Free Webinar: How to convert spreadsheets into web apps

EducationSummary: Described by some as “the most dangerous software on the planet,” spreadsheet overuse poses many risks to business. If your business relies too heavily on spreadsheets, we have an upcoming webinar that you’ll want to attend. You’ll learn why spreadsheets are so dangerous, a quick solution for converting them to web apps, and more.

If your business still relies heavily on spreadsheets, consider this fact: 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors, while 50% of spreadsheets used by large companies have material defects.

photo credit: subflux via photopin cc

photo credit: subflux via photopin cc

The bigger problem: Many business rely on spreadsheets for critical business decisions. This spreadsheet problem has grown so bad, groups devoted to fighting this issue have formed, such as the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group.

Does your business have a spreadsheet problem? Would you like to learn how to better secure your spreadsheet data and make it 100x more useful to your business?

Join us on Thursday, November 13th for a free educational webinar: How to convert your spreadsheets into web apps. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How spreadsheet overuse can harm your company
  • Business benefits of moving your spreadsheets to a database
  • A simple method to convert your spreadsheets to web apps in minutes

You can register for this event here.

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