Webinar: How to stop drowning in spreadsheets

EducationSummary: Many businesses have fallen into the spreadsheet trap. They start using spreadsheets for minor tasks, but before they know it, they’re relying on spreadsheets for critical aspects of their business. This spreadsheet overuse wastes time, hurts productivity, and results in data errors. If your company is drowning in spreadsheets, join us for this educational webinar and learn how easily you can fix the problem.

Can you deliver the right information to the right people, whenever they need it?

For many businesses, the answer is “no.”

Why? They rely heavily on spreadsheets for their information delivery. For example, many businesses use spreadsheets as:

  • A database to store business data
  • A reporting tool to analyze their data
  • An integration tool to combine data from multiple systems
  • A budgeting tool to create and distribute budgets

While the list could go on, the point is this: Businesses abuse spreadsheets in many different ways.

As a result, they face data errors, productivity losses, and more. In many businesses, spreadsheets make it difficult to access important business data. In others, some employees spend most of their time working with spreadsheets. After a while, they have so many spreadsheets floating around, they don’t know which version is correct.

In short, they find themselves drowning in spreadsheets.

If your business relies heavily on spreadsheets, join us for an educational webinar on November 5th. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Free themselves from spreadsheet overuse
  • Deliver real-time information to the business
  • Give users powerful reports and web-based pivot drill-downs
  • Deliver data to any device

To learn more and register for this webinar, click here.

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