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Web application development just got a little easier

ProductivityI have some exciting news: We recently gave m-Painter a complete overhaul, which will make the overall m-Power development process simpler and more intuitive!

For those unfamiliar with m-Painter, it is the WYSIWYG text editor that’s built into m-Power. It lets m-Power users customize and enhance their web applications without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or javascript. For instance, here are a few ways m-Power users commonly use m-Painter: Continue reading

When does 1 report = 10 (or more)?

Save TimeWithin a company, everyone cares about a different aspects of data. The CEO probably cares about revenue. Sales managers might care about sales in their regions. Product managers care about their particular line. You get the idea.

Now when it comes to reporting, standard practice dictates that each level of user usually gets a different report. That means the developer is stuck making a bunch of slightly different reports for different users.

Here’s a better idea: What if you could make one report, and provide custom views within that report for each user? Essentially, what if you could make one report seem like many reports? That’s definitely a lot easier than making 10 different reports for 10 different users. Continue reading

Dashboards: Simplified and Interactive (with demo)

ProductivityA couple of weeks ago I mentioned a few of our latest executive dashboard improvements within m-Power. Dashboard creation is easier, dashboards are more customizable, and last but not least, dashboards are interactive. Now, we even have a new dashboard demo which demonstrates a couple of these new upgrades.

When you check out the demo, try a couple things: First, try repositioning the dashboard widgets. It’s all drag and drop. Imagine it’s your dashboard and you want to format the dashboard for optimal readability. Continue reading

Executive dashboards made simple (and interactive)

Save TimeIf you need or have executive dashboards, you are going to love a couple of our latest enhancements. In short, they make dashboards great!

In our latest batch of enhancements, we’ve improved the m-Painter import panel and added a new widget panel. How does this affect executive dashboards? Here are a few ways: Continue reading

Three incredibly useful enhancements

AnnouncementWe’ve recently made some significant m-Power improvements that I believe could help many companies. In case you missed any of them, I’d like to recap 3 of my favorites.

Web-based pivot table – m-Power can now create web-based pivot table reports. They’re easy to create, easy to share, and you won’t have to worry about problems associated with typical spreadsheets, such as: Security, data accuracy, accessibility, etc… Continue reading

New m-Power feature: Pivot-table reporting!

AnnouncementI’m excited to announce m-Power’s newest reporting template: The pivot table reporting template! (If you are unfamiliar with our template/model based approach to application development, please read our “build process” page.)

What are pivot tables? Pivot tables are interactive tables that automatically extract, organize, and summarize data. Pivot tables are usually Excel™-based and most often used to analyze data, make comparisons, and discover trends. Continue reading

Interactive reporting is now available!

AnnouncementI wrote about our new Interactive reporting template a couple weeks back, and received many inquiries as to when it would be available in m-Power. I’m happy to report the wait is over! m-Power users just need to download the latest update from the customer portal.

For those unfamiliar with m-Power templates, here’s a quick two-sentence explanation. We create a wide variety of web application templates with all the features built right in. Then, m-Power users simply need to select a template, point it at their data, make necessary tweaks or adjustments, and they have a new application. If you can find a more efficient build process, I’d like to see it. Continue reading

Moving forward: JDK upgrade


In order to take advantage of newer technologies and allow us to continue to keep m-Power on the leading edge of technology, we are changing our minimum JDK requirement. In the past, m-Power customers were required to run JDK 1.4 or later. The minimum JDK requirement has been raised to version 1.6.

We’ve written up some instructions for making the upgrade to JDK 1.6, which can be found below:

Windows users: Click here

Linux/AS400 users: Click here

Please contact our support desk if you run into any problems.