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Weekly recap: 5 best tablets of CES, web app myths, and more…

EducationThe annual Consumer Electronics Show (which was held this week), is probably more important to businesses than ever before. The line between consumer and business tech is slowly fading, as “consumer” gadgets (like smartphones and tablets) are increasingly used for business. On that note, this week’s tech recap takes a look at some of the best tablets from CES, as well as 3 other non-CES tech stories that you might find interesting:

5 Best Tablets of CES 2012 (pcworld.com)
My thoughts: Take a good look at the tablets presented at CES 2012, because they’ll be making their way into your company in the near future. While Android stole the show, it’s also interesting to note that some Windows 8 tablets were demoed at CES, as well as the next Blackberry Playbook, both of which look like serious competitors in the tablet market. Why is all of this important to businesses? If your company plans on building apps to take advantage of the inevitable tablet trend, platform fragmentation is a giant hurdle. If you take the native approach, you’ll have to build separate apps for each major platform, which currently includes iOS, Android, and Blackberry, with Windows 8 coming in the near future. That’s a big reason why the mobile web app approach is generally a better option for businesses, as it gives you apps that work on all platforms, both now and in the future. Continue reading

Weekly news recap: 10 programming languages that could shake up IT, and more…

EducationEach week, I find the most interesting tech stories and articles from across the web and put them all in one post. Here are the 4 most interesting articles I ran across this week:

Why Best buy is going out of business (forbes.com)
My take: A very interesting article on Best Buy’s biggest problems, and it’s not what you might think. Best Buy frustrates customers in two important areas: First, they treat customers as a chance for an upsell, not as a chance to provide excellent service. Second, they’ve failed at translating their business to the web. Their web-based store does not communicate effectively with their retail stores, which regularly inconveniences customers. Continue reading

10 best Apple moments (and 7 of the worst)

EducationIn the age of instant information, it’s amazing how quickly the news spread of Steve Job’s resignation. Since the news broke, there’s been a steady stream of articles from all sides and viewpoints. Some think Apple is doomed. Others think they’re just fine.

My thoughts: Rather than speculate on their future, I think there’s a lot that businesses can learn from their past. Continue reading

Customer alert: End of monthly newsletter

AnnouncementWe are ending our monthly customer newsletter because we feel it has become an inefficient method for communicating news. Things are happening so much faster today. We currently have other options in place for communicating the same information as it becomes available, rather than on a monthly basis.

As you know, we update m-Power frequently. Rather than a once a month recap, the best way to stay on top of all the updates is with one of the links below. Continue reading

Come see what’s new with m-Power at COMMON (hint: Pivot tables!)

AnnouncementAre you attending the COMMON conference next week? If so, be sure to stop by booth #413 and say hi to us. Sal and Steve will be there and they’re pretty awesome. If that’s not enough incentive, come on by and take our survey to be entered into our 2010 giveaway!

I also heard a little rumor that they will be unveiling a new m-Power feature: Web-based pivot tables! I think they will have a demo at COMMON, so come on by and check it out. (That makes 3 reasons to stop by).

If you’re not attending COMMON this year, don’t worry. You’ll be hearing more about web-based pivot tables in the coming weeks.