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3 great (and free) templates for quickly visualizing data

EducationWhat is the most important goal in creating an effective reporting application? In my opinion, the answer is simple: It must communicate the data to the viewer in the clearest, most concise manner possible.

In most cases, a traditional reporting application (like this one) will do the job just fine. However, some reports require that you go a step further in order to effectively communicate the message. In these cases, I’d recommend that you try a data visualization application. For those unfamiliar with the concept, data visualization applications let you display data in unique, graphical formats.

How can they help you? Rather than explaining all of their benefits, let’s take a look at a few data visualization applications and explain why they’re so useful. I’ve rounded up 3 great data visualization templates from the m-Power Project exchange, which are listed below: Continue reading

Don’t let weak passwords harm your company

Save MoneyWe’ve seen some major security breaches in the last few months, with hackers gaining access to user information at Yahoo, Linkedin, Dropbox, and others. Do you know what I’ve learned from all of these breaches? People are really bad at making passwords.

How bad? Some of the more popular passwords are “123456”, “password”, and “111111”. I’m not making that up.

While it’s easy to sit back and laugh at those password choices, you should ask yourself a serious question: What do your user’s passwords look like? As businesses move more and more of their applications to the web/cloud, password strength is becoming an even more important topic. What if a hacker got a hold of sensitive company information because they cracked one of your user’s weak passwords? Continue reading

How to add fixed headers to any application

EducationA while back, we added a useful template to the Project Exchange called “The Fixed Header Report.” It let m-Power users create reports with fixed headers that always remained visible, no matter how far down the page they scrolled. As you can see from the demo application, this template is incredibly useful when creating reports that contain lots of data.

Now, while this template is great for reporting apps, m-Power creates all types of applications. What if you want to add a fixed header to another application type?

The answer: That is not only possible, it’s easy! That’s right, you can freeze the header row of any application so it will always appear at the very top of the page, no matter how far down you scroll. If you’d like to add fixed headers to your applications, check out this short tutorial.

New template lets end users have it their way

ProductivityYou can’t please everybody. That’s true both in life, and application development. Some end users will love your applications. Other users won’t. There will always be a few users telling you that the application should be different in some way.

If that’s ever happened to you, I have some good news. There’s a new application template in the Project Exchange that helps with this problem: The Draggable Columns Inquiry Template!

The Draggable Columns Inquiry Template lets users re-arrange and adjust data columns in their applications. As the name implies, users can use simple drag-and-drop to move columns to different locations. They can even shorten and lengthen the column width as desired. Check out this demo application to see it in action. Just click the little dots at the top of each column to move that column to a different location.

If you’d like to learn more about this template, you can check out an in-depth description right here. If you’d like to build applications with this new template, just head on over to the Project Exchange and download it. As with all templates in the Project Exchange, it is free for current m-Power users. Continue reading

New template lets you print custom labels straight from the web

Save TimeIf you, or anyone in your office regularly prints mailing labels, there’s a new m-Power template in the Project Exchange that will make your life a lot easier: The Custom Label Creator Template. Feel free to check out the demo right here.

This new template creates web applications that pull data from your database and automatically organize it in a label-friendly format. How will this template make your life easier? Here are two ways: Continue reading

The Timeline Template: A great new way to visualize events

ProductivityThere’s a great new template in the project exchange that lets you create applications that display event data in an intuitive, timeline format. If that sounds confusing, visit this page for a detailed explanation, or just check out the demo.

As mentioned in the overview page, this template lets you build a variety of applications. Here are a few examples:

  1. Completed Project Applications: Create applications that let users track completed projects for any department.
  2. Project Management Applications: Create applications that let managers view progress of specific tasks in a project timeline.
  3. Upcoming Events Applications: Create applications that let users see which new applications/features your staff is currently working on.

Like all templates in the Project Exchange, the Timeline Template is free for m-Power users. Head on over to the download page to learn more or download the template for use in m-Power. If you’re not a current m-Power user, you can learn more about m-Power right here.

Improve efficiency with…bar codes?

ProductivityWe’re surrounded by bar codes every day, but have you ever stopped to think how they could help your business? The fact is, bar codes aren’t just for retail stores. They could help all sorts of businesses become more efficient.

How so? This article gives some great ideas, like inventory control, asset management, invoicing, and more. The bottom line: Bar codes can not only improve productivity, but also reduce the time spent entering data into your database. Continue reading

One way to fix the spreadsheet problem

Save MoneyWhat types of problems do spreadsheets cause? Big, expensive problems. Here are a few examples:

  • A well-known drug maker accidentally disclosed confidential information, forcing them to revise their financial forecasts, which lowered their share price.
  • The London 2012 Olympics accidentally oversold 4 events by 10,000 tickets.
  • A spreadsheet error led to a $153 million error for the Dept. of Energy.

The fact is, spreadsheets cause so many problems, there’s a whole group dedicated to the topic. You can read about these (and other) problems caused by spreadsheets on their website.

Why do spreadsheets cause so many problems? Because they’re easy to use, but nearly impossible to control. Anyone can create and distribute a spreadsheet. But, who controls that spreadsheet? Which users can access the spreadsheet? How many versions were created, and where are they stored? Who has altered the data, and is the data correct? Continue reading

Create data visualizations with minimal effort

ProductivityThere’s another new template in the project exchange that you will love. It’s called the “Google GeoChart Visualization template”, and it lets you make some great looking data visualization web apps with minimal effort. To see it for yourself, check out this live demo.

What does it do?

This template lets you plot your data graphically on an intensity map. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, an intensity map automatically adjusts color saturation based on data values. As you saw in the demo, state colors varied depending on population data. Continue reading

The Quicksand template wants to animate your business web apps

ProductivityThere’s a great new template in the project exchange that you have to check out. It’s called the “Quicksand template”, and it uses a really cool jQuery effect to bring animated sorting and filtering to your web apps. As you can see from the demo, it creates a pretty slick, yet unique interface.

As with all templates in the project exchange, it’s free for m-Power users. So, if you want to build web applications with this template, head on over to this page and download it. For those that want to learn a little more about the Quicksand Template first, here’s a nice description. Continue reading