Parameter Calculations

Parameter Calculations   Parameter calculations are a great technique when you are trying to pass a value between multiple applications. For example, you would like to pass a value from the prompt page or URL to the output page to determine some conditional calculations. In our case, our calculation would accept a value, then a […]

Suppressing Calculation Error Messages

Suppressing Calculation Error Messages   When a developer creates a calculation, m-Power automatically takes the syntax of this calculation and attempts to run it directly on the database. If the database returns an error message, m-Power notifies the developer of the specific database error, and the developer has the opportunity to update their calculation syntax […]

Calculation Screen

Calculation Screen Calculation Features Calculation Types Creating Calculations Calculation Features Calculations as Sequence keys and Record Selection fields — Calculations have been designed to take full advantage of SQL. Nearly every calculation is available to use as a sequence field or record selection field. Sequence/Record Selection Availability — The Work-with Calculation screen shows which calculations […]

Copy Calculations within m-Power

Copy Calculations   This feature allows you to copy preexisting calculations quickly within the same application. Whether you need to copy one or one hundred, this is an easy and effective way to mass produce similar calculations. Copying Calcs in Retrievals, Reports & Graphs, and Maintenance Applications Enter the Calculations screen and create a calculation […]

Conditional Calculations

Conditional Calculations   Conditional Calculations are a great tool to be able to customize your application and take them to the next level. Some examples of conditional calculations could be: To control the color of individual data. For instance, you could divide data output into three different color groups: red (for low performing values), yellow […]

Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: December 27, 2011