m-Power DX Dataset Template

m-Power DX Dataset Template   Jump to: Template Notes Runtime Walkthrough Template In-Action Application Properties The Dataset Template is the building block to create a data set for the m-Power Data Explorer. The Data set is created by the m-Power developer. Once created, the developer can then assign this data set to users based on […]

Building & Preparing Models for Data Explorer

Building & Preparing Models for the Data Explorer   The m-Power Data Explorer allows users to design their own queries based on data sets created for them by m-Power developers. This separation ensures that end-users have access to a wealth of key features, such as: · Overall layout (such as data listing, Pivot Table, graphing, […]

White Labeling in m-Power DX

White Labeling in m-Power DX The m-Power Data Explorer supports the use of white labeling. This may be particularly important to you if you wish to rebrand the look of the Data Explorer for your end-users. At present, three aspects of the Data Explorer are customizable for white labeling, they are: Splash Image Small logo […]

Using the m-Power Data Explorer

m-Power Data Explorer   What is it? The m-Power Data Explorer is a web-based reporting feature that allows end-users to create their own reports in an easy-to-use interface. End-users access their data based on previously created "Data sets" and have the ability to control numerous aspects of their report including: · Format of Data, including […]

Created: December 8, 2016