White Labeling in m-Power DX

The m-Power Data Explorer supports the use of white labeling. This may be particularly important to you if you wish to rebrand the look of the Data Explorer for your end-users.

At present, three aspects of the Data Explorer are customizable for white labeling, they are:

  1. Splash Image
  2. Small logo
  3. The "Help" URL

To customize these options, please edit your /mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/mrc-runtime.properties file.
Add the 3 following lines to the file:

Enter the necessary image file names for DX_small_logo as well as DX_splash_image. While any image works, mrc recommends .png images with transparent backgrounds.
Note: This feature requires images to be stored in the /mrcjava/mrcclasses/dx folder.

Your DX_help_url should resolve to a fully qualified help site.

Here is an example of

Once saved, restart tomcat so your changes can take effect.

Note : You are not required to customize all 3 options. Any option not customized will revert back to the default.

Created: May 10, 2017