Duplicate a Data Dictionary


Step 1: Save current dictionary library.

Step 2: Restore to new name library.

Step 3: Change the JOBD in the dictionary library to refer to the new library list.

Step 4: Start mrc and set your user profile up to use the new dictionary using option 40.

Step 5: Take option 32 then F20 to change old library refs to new.

Step 6: Delete all mrc-generated CLP programs from the new library (these will automatically regenerate when programs are next used).

Step 7: The location of the output file for summaries needs to be changed from the old dictionary to the new dictionary. The easiest way to do this is to use DFU to edit file MRCDCT40, and change old library references to the new dictionary.

Step 8: The location of the program objects for maintainers is held in file MRCDCT50. These must be changed to the new dictionary library. One way to do this is to use DFU to edit the file MRCDCT50, changing the old library references to the new dictionary.

Step 9: Review your external objects. The list of external objects is held in file MRCOBJ01. If external objects refer specifically to the old dictionary library you must take the following action. You must have a register of external objects specific to each dictionary instead of the normal global register of external objects. In the new dictionary, ensure all external objects that reside in the original dictionary are updated to refer to their version in the new dictionary (there should be no objects left that refer to the old dictionary). Then recompile all programs in the new dictionary that use each of these external objects.

Step 10: For any users that will wish to use the new dictionary, add this dictionary to their list of valid dictionaries, option 40 then F8.

Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: June 28, 2017