Application Preview

When in the Application Menu, while on the "Additional Options" screen, an Application Preview will be displayed to aid the developer in designing the application. The Application Preview settings can be set via the 'Options' drop-down, located in the top right corner of the preview.

Note the three different Application Preview views:

Preview: Preview mode will show the way the app will appear completely unpainted, and is only supported for the Retrieval, Report, and Maintainer templates that ship with m-Power.

Built: Built mode is the exact application that has been built and painted, and is available for every Retrieval, Report and Maintainer that has been compiled.

Disabled: Developers also have the option of turning application preview off for an individual application by selecting ‘Disabled’.

Additionally, the number of records displayed in the preview pane can be controlled by selecting one of the “Select Preview Max Records” values.

Additional Notes

  • Application preview can be disabled at either an application level or a data dictionary level. Use the Options button within an individual application to disable preview for that app. To disable preview at a dictionary level, navigate to Admin ->Edit Data Dictionary Files->Dictionary Configuration. On this screen, click the Application Properties icon () on the toolbar to open the graphical editor. Navigate to the Application Preview Options tab and set the preview_type to “Disabled”. Click OK and save.
  • The values under “Select Preview Max Records” can also be customized in the dictionary configuration screen. Navigate to Admin->Edit Data Dictionary Files->Dictionary Configuration and then click the Application Properties icon () on the toolbar to open the graphical editor. Navigate to the Application Preview Options tab. The five values listed under preview_max_rows_X can be customized as desired.
  • Most elements of the application will be displayed as expected within the preview pane, however certain external objects that require runtime information will not affect the preview pane, such as Row Level Security.
  • If sign-on security has been enabled, the user will be given a sign-on screen when viewing the built application. This will allow the developer to sign in to view the built application; however, no other interaction between the user and the preview pane is allowed.
  • Application preview is not available for summaries or some special templates.
  • The application preview pane is for previewing the application only. Developers cannot interact with the application through the preview pane. To fully interact with the application, developers will still need to click the "Execute" button.


Created: August 27, 2013 | Modified: December 3, 2013