Introduction to m-Power

Introduction to m-Power   What is m-Power? m-Power is software which automates enterprise web application development and modernizes legacy business applications. m-Power reduces web application development time, lowers development costs, and increases productivity. m-Power is an application development tool. It is used by business people and developers to create data-driven Web applications. It takes your […]

Basic Database and m-Power Terms

Basic Database and m-Power Terms   Please review the following database and m-Power terms: Database Terms Database A collection of stored data in a structured format. A Data Dictionary is a collection of tables and fields and the applications you build over them. It is your m-Power work environment. Table A set of data values […]

Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary   A Data Dictionary is a work environment for m-Power users. It contains the registered meta-data that describe the tables/fields/joins/rules needed to create applications. For each Data Dictionary, there is a corresponding server file directory containing all of the generated components for all of the applications created within that Data Dictionary. Within the […]

Installing and Configuring m-Power for a Windows Server

Installing and Configuring m-Power for a Windows Server New m-Power customers (using a Windows Server) will want to follow the steps below for installing and configuring m-Power. Existing customers with new licenses, or customers that are migrating m-Power, will want to follow the documentation for existing customers. Download the m-Power software. To download m-Power, please […]

Managing m-Power Installations

Managing m-Power Installations This documentation provides information on configuring m-Power for existing customers using a Windows server. If you are a new m-Power customer, please see the documentation for installing and configuring m-Power for new customers. Customers Updating or Replacing a License Customers Purchasing an Additional License Migrate an Existing Version of m-Power Updating or […]

m-Power System Requirements

m-Power System Requirements   Prior to installing m-Power, please be sure that the following requirements have been met. *64-bit servers are highly recommended as they support more RAM than 32-bit servers.* m-Power End-User Client Requirements Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11 or later Microsoft Edge Edge Version 42.0 or later Firefox Firefox Version […]

More Questions

More Questions   Inevitably, questions will arise. When that happens, please consider the resources you have available to you: Self-Help Resources m-Power Interface Help Every m-Power screen contains a "?" at the end of the navigation bar. Click this icon to learn more about the current screen. m-Power Manual This document contains over 160 detailed […]

Advice for the m-Power Newbie from the m-Power Experts

Advice for the m-Power Newbie… from the m-Power Experts   Initial Success Make the first project a fat, slow pitch down the middle of the plate, so you can hit a solid single on your first swing! Make it visible to lots of important people. Allow yourself time to experiment and play while you build […]

Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: December 23, 2011