Graphing Interface Overview

m-Power Graphing Overview General Information Exporting Graphs Upgrading Legacy Graphs Additional Info General Information The m-Power graphing library supports graphing options that are Flash powered (or JavaScript, if Flash is unavailable) and offer a wide variety of graphing options for the developer to consider. Click here to see some of the graphs that are available […]

How to Create a Single Value Doughnut Chart

Creating a Single Value Doughnut Chart Users and Executives alike often request graphical data that can illustrate business trends and other KPIs. The Single Value Doughnut Chart (shown above) is a graph that can meet such a need. Before beginning, understand that this chart will only graph one value (usually from the Grand Total level). […]

Hyperlinking within a Graph

Linking within Graphed Images   The ability to provide hyperlinks within graphs too often goes unnoticed. To see a working example, see our Crazy Bikes demo site (Sales By Year — Business Intelligence). As you can see by following the hyperlink, we have a Ship Year, Units Shipped, $ Revenue, and $ Profit field. I […]

Creating a Line Graph with a Static "Goal Line"

Creating Line Graphs with a Static "Goal Line"   Often times when creating a Line Graph, you will have a need to create a "Goal Line" (or Reference Line) that will serve as a constant horizontal line to track if you have met a certain goal. Setting this up with a Report with Graph is […]

Displaying Multiple Graphs in a Report

Displaying Multiple Graphs in a Report   The Report with Graph templates allow you to have multiple graphs within a single Report. This documentation will illustrate how to set up two graphs, one for the Detail Level and one for Sub-Total Level. To start, build your application using the Report with Graph template as you […]

Create a Stacked Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Charts and Reports with Graphs   Stacked Bar Charts are useful tools when your data falls into similar groups. For instance, if you wanted to see the number of trucks leaving & arriving at a client you could simply group the data by client. However, in an order to conserve space, you could […]

Create a Speedometer Chart

Create Speedometers   A speedometer graph is a great tool to help visualize percentages, as well as other fixed-range amounts for end users. They can also be color coded (see below), so that certain ranges are categorized with different colors. Speedometers can even be used to graph multiple sets of data, with multiple needles pointing […]

Custom Graphing Templates

Custom Graphing Templates Overview Special Notes Promoting to Production Overview m-Painter's What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) graphing interface allows you to easily and quickly customize your graphs. Occasionally, you may want to customize your graph beyond the scope of the built-in options. m-Painter's built in graph customization option makes this a smooth and straightforward process. m-Power utilizes Fusion […]

Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: December 27, 2011