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Data Dictionary Tables


m-Power application specifications (metadata) are stored in an internal database. While you should never need to access any of this metadata directly within these tables, the information is provided in the event an m-Power developer wishes to view this metadata directly.

Customers are advised to never change metadata directly in these tables as doing so could corrupt an application/dictionary.

Naming Conventions

MRCDCT Physical file
MRCLDC Logical over one file
MRCDCL Multi-file logical

Data Dictionary Files

MRCDCT01 File level
MRCDCT02 Field definitions
MRCDCT03 File/field cross reference
MRCDCT07 Member/file cross reference
MRCDCT08 Member description
MRCDCT11 Synonyms

Retrieval Files

MRCDCT14 Application header
MRCDCT15 Selected fields
MRCDCT16 Retrieval Key Information

Reporter Files

MRCDCT2W Temp. copy of MRCDCT20
MRCDCT20 Report Format
MRCDCT21 Total time calculations
MRCDCT23 Join fields
MRCDCT24 Application header
MRCDCT25 Selected fields
MRCDCT29 Free format

Summary Files

MRCDCT40 Application header
MRCDCT41 Join fields
MRCDCT42 Selected fields

Maintainer Files

MRCDCT50 Application header
MRCDCT51 Key fields
MRCDCT52 Selected fields

Data Dictionary Files

MRCDCT93 Application Link Header
MRCDCT94 Application Link Selected Fields
MRCDCT95 Calc Conditions
MRCDCT96 Calculated Fields
MRCDCT97 Selection Criteria
MRCDCT98 Sequence Criteria

Batch Job Streams


External Objects


Updated on September 29, 2021

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