How to Add Scheduled Tasks

Executing Task Groups

Executing Task Groups

Messaging and scheduled tasks can be used to automate many m-Power processes and can be executed in three different ways. The first is through the task and message groups screen. To get there, click Admin Menu, Utilities, and then Messaging & Scheduled Tasks.

Once the task group has been created it can be executed. Click on the green arrow button under the Test column to run these tasks ad-hoc. Once the system is finished running the task, a message will display stating that the task group has been successfully processed.

The second method to execute a task group is through the scheduler. To get there, click on Messaging Menu and then Scheduled Tasks. A new scheduled task must be created. To do so, click on the Create New Scheduled Task button. Now, select a task group and how often the task group needs to be run. Tasks can be run every minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. There is also a custom option that can be used to customize the frequency that task groups are run. The next step is to reload Tomcat. To do so, click on the link in the message in the blue box on the screen.

The final method to execute a task group is through the after actions tab in a maintainer. Select a maintainer and click on Edit Properties. Then, click on the After Actions tab in the application properties activity. Navigate down to the add_message, update_message, delete_message, and all_mesage fields. Here, enter which task group to call after a user either adds, updates, or deletes a record in this maintainer. Please note that the task group field is case-sensitive – the task group will need to be entered exactly as it appears on the Messaging and Scheduled Tasks screen.


Updated on September 27, 2021

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