One of the best features about m-Painter is that it works very well for both less technical users as well as the more advanced users. For instance, those who are not very familiar with web languages, can choose to stay in m-Painter’s design, or WYSIWYG mode for “What You See Is What You Get”. This mode allows for a full range of options to customize your m-Power applications the exact way you need them.

On the other hand, more advanced users can choose to view the HTML source directly in order to experiment with advanced web techniques like Javascript and Freemarker. To do so, simply hover over the View menu, and then click Source. As can be seen, m-Painter assists with the reading of this code by color-coding everything, including line numbers for easy reference, and even automatically indenting your code.

Since m-Painter expects well-formed code in order to do these things, there may be times when your code becomes changed or even corrupted when you do not properly form your html. In this case, notice how deleting the close quotes for the href property of this link and then pressing Save causes my HTML to become corrupted.

To fix, simply use m-Painter’s Revert function. Hover over File and then click Revert. Notice how the code reverts back to the pre-Saved state, and is even highlighted brightly so I can find and repair the bad code prior to re-saving. In this case, I can properly close the href attribute and then press Save. This time, m-Painter successfully saves my code. Next time you are in Source mode, remember the Revert function as it could save you a lot of time instead of trying to manually repair damaged code.

Created: December 6, 2012 | Modified: June 12, 2017