How to Display the Last Row of Detail within Subtotals

By design, m-Power automatically totals all numeric fields at the grand total and subtotal levels. As a result, you may occasionally encounter a situation in which a Report will subtotal and grand total numeric fields when this is not desired. You can prevent a numeric field from being shown by displaying the Last Row of Detail.

The screen shot below shows that the Customer Number has been added for each record:

If you look closely at the records with blue backgrounds in the table above, you can see that the customer number is being totaled.

Moreover, if the end user chooses to not display the detail line, this can become even more confusing:

Do you notice how the customer numbers are being totaled? Obviously, the customer number is an identifier, and not a field to be totaled. To prevent the field from being totaled, you must use the Last Row of Detail feature in m-Painter.

Once in m-Painter, select and delete the field that needs the have the Last Row of Detail applied:

Click your curser in the now empty cell. Next, click the "Field" icon in the m-Painter toolbar.

Select the correct field, then under "Report/Summary For:", select "Last Row of Detail". At runtime, this will not total the field, but rather place the last instance of the detail row on the subtotal line. The benefit of this is that your report (regardless whether it is running in Subtotal or Detail view) will always display the correct Row Information.

Now, the Customer Name will automatically populate with the last row of detail at the subtotal level. Remove the Customer Number entirely from the grand total row as it is not needed. After making the changes and saving, this is the final result:


Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: June 6, 2017