Bootstrap Templates

Element Window in m-Painter

Element Window in m-Painter (Bootstrap Templates) Quick Navigation Element Editor HTML and Boostrap Toolbar Preview Window Element Navigation Tools Visibility Controls With the implementation of Bootstrap Templates into m-Power, these templates offer many new features and tools at hand for the developer that allow for easier customization Bootstrap applications. Boostrap enabled dictionaries have the ability […]

Bootstrap Key Features

Bootstrap Key Features mrc is proud to announce the rollout of the latest edition to m-Power: The Bootstrap templates. These templates were designed to not only look fantastic on a PC, but also be fully responsive down to mobile devices. We've also chocked these templates full of many new features (the notable ones are listed […]

m-Painter Pulldown Menu

m-Painter Pulldown Menu A pulldown menu allows you to organize application links/options within a single location on the screen. This is highly useful when you want to give users the option of several links to click on but have limited screen space to accomplish this. We use pulldown menus throughout m-Power. For instance, the "Action" […]

Form Layout

Form Designer m-Power templates do a lot to make beautiful web applications right "out of the box". To compliment this, many developers take these aesthetics further by restructuring the page to maximize screen sizes real estate as well as page flow efficiency. However, restructuring the page layout typically requires going into the HTML source code. […]

Text Field Properties

Customizing Input Fields with m-Painter There are many form input helpers built directly into m-Painter. These features assist with varying degrees of form functionality such as setting a max number of characters allowed, the input type and making fields read-only or required. Additionally, these helpers can assist with basic end-user direction by adding placeholders, help […]

Controlling Responsive Design in Bootstrap Templates

Controlling Responsive Design in Bootstrap Templates Users who will be creating content for multiple devices (PC and mobile, for instance) may want to add additional logic to better handle how an application responds based on the device accessing the application. This documentation will explain how this works within the m-Power bootstrap templates in two steps. […]