m-Power System Requirements

m-Power System Requirements   Prior to installing m-Power, please be sure that the following requirements have been met. *64-bit servers are highly recommended as they support more RAM than 32-bit servers.* m-Power End-User Client Requirements Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11 or later Microsoft Edge Edge Version 42.0 or later Firefox Firefox Version […]

Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations   Jump to: How to Build an Index Retrievals Basic Example Advanced Example Reports Standard Report Templates with Detail Interactive Report Template & Creating Dropdown Lists from the Current Application Standard Report Templates with No Detail / Interactive Report Template Working with Runtime Record Selections Summaries Maintenance Other Things to Consider This document […]

Utilizing Multi-Member Files in m-Power

Utilizing Multi-Member Files in m-Power   Many m-Power users believe that they are unable to utilize their multi-member files in m-Power because m-Power was designed to work over Databases other than DB2. Since these other databases do not have multi-member files, we removed the ability from the interface to access these multi-member files. However, there […]

Java File Copy

Java File Copy   The Java File Copy feature makes it simple to copy data tables from one DB to another. This feature works on any OS and any DB supported by m-Power. The JDBC connection property information is required for each execution of this feature and includes that as part of the parameters set. […]