Address Distribution List Template

Address Distribution List Template   Jump to: Template Notes Application Properties Video Web Parameters The Address Distribution List Template can be used in partnership with the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility to send emails to a table driven list of email recipients. This template has the additional option to map email addresses to an email […]

Email Integration Template

Email Integration Template   Jump to: Template Specific Notes Application Properties Video Web Parameters The Email Integration template is an easy to use web application that allows users to easily import unread emails from a specific address to their database. While this template can be launched from the browser, it has no HTML layer and […]

Return Data External Object

Return Data External Object   Beginning with the May 2013 update of m-Power, developers will have access to a Return Data Java external object for use within maintenance applications. This object takes in 1 parameter to find a row within a retrieval, and then returns that value(s) to your maintainer. A common example of using […]

Configuring Email Functionality

Configuring Email Functionality Developers who wish to enable m-Power reports for email have two options: Allow end-users to send e-mails interactively through a Report prompt page Automate e-mails to be sent in a scheduled task. (This option is discussed in a separate document, found here.) This document will focus on Option 1, listed above. Step […]

Parameter Listing

Parameter Listing   m-Power templates allow you, as a developer, to specify numerous parameters at run-time to control the behavior of your applications. Below you will find a complete listing of available parameters. Parameters listed as "Work Fields" indicate that while m-Power uses these parameters, you do not have control to change them. Common Parameters […]

What is a Report and when should I use them?

What is a Report and when should I use it?   A report is a document that calculates sub-totals and grand totals. Reports also give you the flexibility to create graphs. · Sub-total/Grand total — Reports give you the ability to automatically sub-total and grand total all numeric data. In addition, most of the time […]