Fixed Header Report

Fixed Header Report

True Excel vs. Deprecated Excel Output

True Excel vs. Deprecated Excel Output m-Power Reports utilize a True Excel output format by default (outfmt = 13). Features of this format include: Elimination of the warning message from Excel when attempting to open an m-Power Report. Non-formatted (no colors or other HTML mark-up) output. This means that your end-users will see just the […]

What is a Report and when should I use them?

What is a Report and when should I use it?   A report is a document that calculates sub-totals and grand totals. Reports also give you the flexibility to create graphs. · Sub-total/Grand total — Reports give you the ability to automatically sub-total and grand total all numeric data. In addition, most of the time […]

Bypassing the Prompt Page in Reports via URL Parameters

Executing a Report directly from a link and/or URL Usually a report is generated by clicking the "Run Report" button. For most customers, most of the time, this method works well. But there are times when you may need to skip the prompt page and proceed directly to the results page. As you may know, […]