Element Window in m-Painter

Element Window in m-Painter (Bootstrap Templates) Quick Navigation Element Editor HTML and Boostrap Toolbar Preview Window Element Navigation Tools Visibility Controls With the implementation of Bootstrap Templates into m-Power, these templates offer many new features and tools at hand for the developer that allow for easier customization Bootstrap applications. Boostrap enabled dictionaries have the ability […]

Grid Layout

Controlling HTML Layout with Grid Mode Controlling the layout of elements on an HTML page has a tendency to be a clunky and time-expensive task. The Grid Layout feature allows developers to have much easier control with adding new elements to the page as well as having pinpoint control of where they are located. This […]

Color Coding via m-Painter

Color Coding via m-Painter To help highlight data patterns, developers often employ the use of conditional styles to color code their data. For example, when a percentage is greater than 80%, you may wish to make that data cell green, whereas otherwise you would want to continue to leave it as a white background with […]

Combination Chart Options Tab

Combination Chart Options Tab   Learn more about each tab: Graph Type Tab Fields Tab Levels Tab Descriptions Tab Options Tab: General Tab Title Tab Legend Tab Tooltip Tab Drilldown Tab Chart/Plot Tab Chart Type-Specific Options: 2D Bar Chart Options Tab 3D Bar Chart Options Tab 2D Clustered Bar Options Tab 3D Clustered Bar Options […]

Creating Total Level Calculations

  On the m-Power hotline, we sometimes field calls from developers who are trying to compute values based on subtotal or grand total values within their Reports. As you already know, m-Power Report templates, by default, will always add values vertically to compute sub-total and grand total values. As you can see here, m-Power is […]

Using the Revert Function

One of the best features about m-Painter is that it works very well for both less technical users as well as the more advanced users. For instance, those who are not very familiar with web languages, can choose to stay in m-Painter’s design, or WYSIWYG mode for “What You See Is What You Get”. This […]

Using m-Painter Versions to Restore Files

Using m-Painter Versions to Restore Files m-Painter is a popular component of m-Power for many of our developers. Developers love how easy it is for them to make changes to the HTML source without a deep understanding of the HTML language. During my conversations with customers regarding m-Painter, one question comes up time and time […]

Advanced Search Options

Advanced Search Options m-Power offers two Advanced Search options, an Advanced Search Row and an Advanced Search Dialog. When the Advanced Search Row is enabled, end-users can select a relationship from a dropdown within the header and enter a value to search. Note that the relationship is abbreviated within the dropdown. Also, end-users can specify […]

Advanced Selection Dialogs

Advanced Selection Dialogs   This feature allows users will have the option of utilizing advanced selection dialogs within their m-Power applications. These selection dialogs will replace the current filter row within the application’s main data table, maximizing your end user's screen real estate as well as giving users an easier to use top-down searching list. […]

Working With Links

Working With Links   Basic Links Link Info Tab Target Tab Advanced Tab Hover Window Popup Window Popup Dialog After highlighting text or clicking on a field substitution, you have the option of inserting a link. While there are many options for inserting links into your applications, this document will cover the Insert/Edit Link window […]