In-Memory Reporting

In-Memory Reporting The architecture of m-Power reports allow them to query data from a variety of sources, including: -A database, via a JDBC connection -Web Services -In-Memory This documentation will focus on the final point listed above, In-Memory Reporting. It is important to note that while In-Memory Reporting may offer considerable performance advantages from Web […]

Cross Tab Report Template

Cross Tab Report Template   Jump to: Features Template Notes Runtime Walkthrough Template In-Action Application Properties Web Parameters The Cross Tab Report template allows end users to control the columns of a report, while maintaining developer customization of the HTML layer. Moreover, this template summarizes measure values into separate columns/buckets across the page, one for […]

Margin Calculations within Pivot Tables

Margin Calculations within Pivot Tables Pivot Tables offer increased runtime functionality for end-users without requiring heavy customization by developers. While Pivot Tables are easy to use, one common question received is “How can I add runtime calculations to my subtotal and grand total levels?” To do so, begin by creating your Pivot Table as normal, […]

Configuring Email Functionality

Configuring Email Functionality Developers who wish to enable m-Power reports for email have two options: Allow end-users to send e-mails interactively through a Report prompt page Automate e-mails to be sent in a scheduled task. (This option is discussed in a separate document, found here.) This document will focus on Option 1, listed above. Step […]

Page Breaks in a Report

Creating Page Breaks within m-Power Reports m-Power's Page Break feature allows specifying page breaks when a sequence key changes. This option can be changed under the "Sequencing" link within the Application Menu. At run time, every time the sequence key changes, a new page will be printed. In this case, let's assume we would like […]

Bypassing the Prompt Page in Reports via URL Parameters

Executing a Report directly from a link and/or URL Usually a report is generated by clicking the "Run Report" button. For most customers, most of the time, this method works well. But there are times when you may need to skip the prompt page and proceed directly to the results page. As you may know, […]

Display the Last Row of Detail within a Subtotal

How to Display the Last Row of Detail within Subtotals By design, m-Power automatically totals all numeric fields at the grand total and subtotal levels. As a result, you may occasionally encounter a situation in which a Report will subtotal and grand total numeric fields when this is not desired. You can prevent a numeric […]