Web Services Query template

Web Services Query template   Jump to: Features Template Notes Video Walkthrough Application Properties Web Parameters Template Features The Web Services Query template is a very useful tool for developers to incorporate 3rd party web services into their m-Power applications. Designed like a Single Record Inquiry, these templates support consuming any outside web service that […]

User Defined Views

User Defined Views   Configuration Adding to Apps Runtime Customizing Troubleshooting User Defined Views (UDVs) are an m-Power feature allowing your end users to customize applications to their specific needs. At runtime, columns can be selected, hidden, or reordered based upon what your end users require. Additionally, other display aspects can be customized including column […]

Using Web Services

m-Power Web Services   Intro Set Up Getting Data CRUD Actions Promoting Notes Introduction A very common feature of modern web applications is an API that can be accessed from outside the framework for use in any architecture. m-Power has implemented such an API using RESTful web services, now available in supported templates. For more […]

Merge Data to PDF

Merge Data to PDF Occasionally, customers desire to have data from within their database be merged into an editable/interactive PDF file (Also known as PDF Forms). This documentation will walk you through this process. Note: The output you generated is not intended to be fed back into the database. This template's sole purpose to quickly […]

Option List Template

Option List Template   Jump to: Template Notes Application Properties Web Parameters Certain m-Power features require the use of an Option List. For instance, in a maintainer, you may want to have a dropdown from which an end-user can select a value. The values in the dropdown are populated using an Option List. Option Lists […]

Row Level Security Template

Row Level Security   Jump to: Creating the Security Table Creating the Security Application Implementing Row Level Security Video Web Parameters Row Level Security is a highly flexible technique for controlling which records are returned based on the current user. Implementing row level security is a three step process. First, you must create a table […]

Single Record Retrieval Template

Single Record Retrieval Template   Jump to: Features Template Notes Template In-Action Application Properties Web Parameters The Single Record Retrieval template takes a simple approach to displaying records, perfect for those occasions when less is more, the Single Record template displays information from a single record in a top-down view. The design of this template […]

Ad-Hoc Sorting on Multiple Columns

Sorting on Multiple Columns Via URL At runtime it is possible to sort on more than one field via parameters over the URL, by doing this developers can easily reuse applications to satisfy many end user sorting requests. Being able to sort on multiple columns allows an application to display data in multiple ways, eliminating […]

Multiple Record Retrieval Template

Multiple Record Retrieval Template   Jump to: Features Template Notes Runtime Walkthrough Template In-Action Application Properties Web Parameters The Multiple Record Retrieval template is a versatile tool for developers looking to build a wide range of web applications. Whether you are designing simple applications, such as a customer master search, or complex applications, such as […]