Address Distribution List Template

Address Distribution List Template   Jump to: Template Notes Application Properties Video Web Parameters The Address Distribution List Template can be used in partnership with the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility to send emails to a table driven list of email recipients. This template has the additional option to map email addresses to an email […]

Ad-Hoc Sorting on Multiple Columns

Sorting on Multiple Columns Via URL At runtime it is possible to sort on more than one field via parameters over the URL, by doing this developers can easily reuse applications to satisfy many end user sorting requests. Being able to sort on multiple columns allows an application to display data in multiple ways, eliminating […]

Advanced Selection Dialogs

Advanced Selection Dialogs   This feature allows users will have the option of utilizing advanced selection dialogs within their m-Power applications. These selection dialogs will replace the current filter row within the application’s main data table, maximizing your end user's screen real estate as well as giving users an easier to use top-down searching list. […]

AJAX Form Submission

AJAX Form Submission   This feature allows users have the option to submit all forms via an advanced web technique called AJAX. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. This technique submits and returns data asynchronously so the page does not require a reload. Your users will like this feature as it means their interaction […]

One Click Data View

One Click Data View   Included with m-Power beginning with the September 7th, 2011 version, the One Click Data View feature allows developers to take a sneak peak at their data with the push of a single button! Prior to this feature, developers who were unfamiliar with certain tables in their environment were forced to […]

Parameter Listing

Parameter Listing   m-Power templates allow you, as a developer, to specify numerous parameters at run-time to control the behavior of your applications. Below you will find a complete listing of available parameters. Parameters listed as "Work Fields" indicate that while m-Power uses these parameters, you do not have control to change them. Common Parameters […]

Select an Application Type and Template

Select an Application Type and Template m-Power ships with over a dozen templates which gives you numerous options when deciding how an application should look and function. The first decision is what type of application to create. m-Power defines four general types: Retrievals, Reports, Summaries, and Maintenance Applications. Then, each of those application types has […]

Utilizing Prompt Maintainers

Using Prompt Maintainers within a Retrieval   The purpose of this document is to explain the process needed to have a user interface in which end-users enter a value on a Prompt page, then are redirected to a retrieval. The retrieval shows them the appropriate information based on the data entered from the Prompt. To […]

Adding Additional Functionality to your Calendar Application

Utilizing m-Painter to Create Additional Functionality to your Calendar Application   m-Power's Calendar templates give you many easy opportunities to enhance the view of your basic Calendar Application. In our case, we are going to add the following useful functionality: · Dropdown Lists for Searching · Hover Over Links In our case, we are going […]

External Object Locations

External Object Template Locations   Servlet Retrievals: *CALCOBJ Used with calculation External Objects or Constant calculations. *STRADVSCH Before searching change advanced field values. Convert value for search input then process filter. *ADVRECSEC Row Level Security. Click here for additional information. *READRECRD Call object after each record is processed. *SELECTFLT Used with External drop down lists. […]