Documentation Plugin

Documentation utility The documentation utility allows developers to easily and effectively document their applications as they are created. Individual notes can be added to applications, while reports over these notes can be run through the utility in the Admin Menu.

How to Setup and Trigger an Email Message

How to Setup and Trigger an Email Message This video describes how to use the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility to automatically email the output of an m-Power application.

Utilizing the Promote to Production Plugin

Utilizing the Promote to Production Plugin This video documentation will discuss how to utilize the Promote to Production Utility. To learn how to configure this feature, please be sure to see Part 1: Configuring the Promote to Production utility. Click here to access Part 1. Using the Promote to Production Utility Under Quick Links, select […]

Setting up the Promote to Production Utility

Setting up the Promote to Production Utility Configuring the Promote to Production Utility This video documentation will discuss how to configure the m-Power utility, Promote to Production. The purpose of this utility is to allow developers the ability to promote their applications to a production environment so they can be accessed by their users. This […]

Messaging and Scheduled Tasks

Messaging and Scheduled Tasks   Jump to: Overview Configuring the Messaging and Scheduled Tasks Utility Emailing a Report Send a Regular Email Run a Summary Save Application Output to Server Send an SMS Text Message Call a Maintainer Application Merge Data to PDF and Save to Server Merge Data to PDF and Send Via Email […]

How to Add Scheduled Tasks

Executing Task Groups Executing Task Groups Messaging and scheduled tasks can be used to automate many m-Power processes and can be executed in three different ways. The first is through the task and message groups screen. To get there, click Admin Menu, Utilities, and then Messaging & Scheduled Tasks. Once the task group has been […]

Creating Mobile Applications

Creating Mobile Applications This tutorial describes how to create Mobile Applications with m-Power. The first step is to configure the data dictionary to work with mobile applications. Click Admin., click Edit Data Dictionary Files, and then click Dictionary Configuration. This opens into the Mobile Options tab. The first option is the devices_to_support property. This property […]

Creating Total Level Calculations

  On the m-Power hotline, we sometimes field calls from developers who are trying to compute values based on subtotal or grand total values within their Reports. As you already know, m-Power Report templates, by default, will always add values vertically to compute sub-total and grand total values. As you can see here, m-Power is […]

Using the Revert Function

One of the best features about m-Painter is that it works very well for both less technical users as well as the more advanced users. For instance, those who are not very familiar with web languages, can choose to stay in m-Painter’s design, or WYSIWYG mode for “What You See Is What You Get”. This […]

Troubleshooting m-Power Applications

Troubleshooting m-Power Applications Debug SQL Statement Occasionally, m-Power developers need to better understand why their m-Power applications are not working as expected. At our technical support hotline, we’ve noticed that two issues come up frequently: Generated applications are not returning the anticipated record set and Dashboard applications do not render as anticipated. To help with […]