m-Power Customer Portal

Recent Enhancements

May 2019

Data Dictionary Copy

Developers can now specify, during Data Dictionary creation, whether they want to start from scratch or if they prefer to copy an existing Dictionary. Choosing this option will automatically copy all registered tables, fields, and synonyms to the new Data Dictionary.

Workflow Designer

This feature allows developers to, graphically, link conditional logic to actions of their maintenance apps to help with common needs. For instance, developers can take advantage of this feature if they want to conditionally call a Task group when a maintainer is executed, but only if certain conditions are met. This feature is intended to replace the Business Rules Designer.

Statuses Editor

Particularly helpful for developers who want to allow users the ability to transition elements through a workflow. Examples of this include managing the lifecycle of an order or a hotline ticket. Users will love this feature as it increases visibility as well as ease of use for working with these statuses. Developers will love the precision and flexibility that this feature gives them in implementing these Status transitions.

December 2018

Application Relationship Diagram

This feature allows developers to visually see the relationships between applications within a Data Dictionary. This will be useful for team members who want to better understand how applications are connected with each other, especially from a presentation layer perspective.

Application Auditing

Many times, developers need to better track when the last time an app was run, edited, painted, or compiled. They also want to know who performed such an action. Available now, developers can begin tracking this information directly within the m-Power platform.

BLOB support

Our team has added BLOB read support to m-Power. The advantage of BLOB support is that these binary fields can hold anything (including PDFs, images, etc...) directly in the database. With this feature you will be able to download BLOB data stored in the database to a file via m-Power.

July 2018

Tomcat 9

We have now begun the process of testing and documenting how all of our customers can upgrade to Tomcat 9 for their application server. This version offers the latest in terms of speed, stability, and security.

June 2018

Bootstrap Improvements

m-Power now supports a new template library, named the Bootstrap templates. These templates allow developers and users to interact with templates that are geared to look beautiful on both mobile and standard devices. Further, several new features have been added to these templates, including: multi-column sort, column reorder, filtering visibility, list/detail view, pulldown menus, and responsiveness. Be sure to check out the documentation to learn about all of these new and exciting additions!

m-Painter Form Designer

For many customers, building m-Power maintainers is an everyday occurrence. In doing so, users find they often spend a considerable amount of time perfecting the design of these apps. To better facilitate this process, we have developed a form designer into m-Painter which improves functionality as well as decreases effort in customizing your m-Power forms. Now, in just a few clicks you can tailor the layout of your forms (and single row display views).

Various m-Painter Improvements

Numerous enhancements have been made to m-Painter, all specifically geared towards improving every day processes while minimizing the need to interact with source code directly. For example, a new edit element window lets you easily add Bootstrap components throughout your application. You can easily integrate security based on user privileges and/or menuing groups. You can also control conditionally viewing/hiding of elements on the page based on user input.

Enhanced Auditing Logic

m-Power applications now include auditing logic that can now track specific changes made by a user. As an example, you can now track both the before and after of what was changed thus giving you a deeper look into the historical changes made by users.

February 2018

Menu Improvements

m-Power now supports an updated and more robust menuing package for end-users. The system now allows for a 3rd level of hierarchy, as well as requested features such as the ability to better order major groups and the additional support of Font Awesome icons. Additionally, the UI for managing menu objects such as users, roles, and permissions is greatly enhanced. Please see the documentation and video for much more information.

Built-In Date Selection Options

m-Power and m-Power DX have been enhanced to now include new functionality with respect to date processing. Users will now be able to select common date filters (such as YTD, MTD, current date, yesterday, Current Fiscal Year, etc...) as filter options. As a developer this means there is no more need to create several helper calcs to determine various dates as these will be automatically available for you.

m-Power Interface Enhancements

m-Power Maintenance apps have been enhanced to include two useful features. The first is the ability to set an auto-sequence flag directly when specifying a sequence key. Secondly, developers who have an interest in recording auditing information can easily do so within Field Settings under the new audting column options.

Application Analytics

Customers on active maintenance and warranty for their m-Power software can take advantage of a turn-key application analytics snap-in to their m-Power applications. This option, available by installing a few lines of code into your footer file, allows you to track application usage by user, date, etc... This information will give you a better idea of which users utilize your applications the most, and which applications they most often frequent. Please contact mrc support to enroll into this free service.

Period over Period Analysis

m-Power and m-Power DX have been enhanced to allow for period over period comparisons. DX users will also have the ability at runtime to compare a result set to either the previous year or previous period based on the time frame selection. In m-Power, this same functionality is available to the m-Power end-user. Users will love the robust flexibility to choose from a large assortment of pre-built date options (such as YTD, current week, YTD, etc...) and be able to compare that to its prior period, prior year, or a custom date range.

September 2017

m-Painter Upgrade - Improved Layout

Our WYSIWYG editor, m-Painter, has been significantly upgraded. As part of this upgrade, m-Painter now implements a new interface that allows developers more control of the layout of their web application. Developers will benefit from being able to have pinpoint control of where elements are added to their web applications.

m-Painter Upgrade - Quick Lists

Our WYSIWYG editor, m-Painter, has been significantly upgraded. As part of this upgrade, m-Painter now implements the Quick List feature. Quick Lists are a wonderful addition to m-Painter as they allow users to create either table driven or static lists that are reusable without ever having to leave m-Painter.

FTP Support

m-Power supports additional FTP export capabilities to the Messaging & Scheduled Tasks system. This feature was implemented based on customer feedback and more easily allows our clients to better interface with third parties or when needing to move large files that would be too large for traditional email.

m-Painter Upgrade - Keypairs

Our WYSIWYG editor, m-Painter, has been significantly upgraded. As part of this upgrade, m-Painter now implements the Key Pair feature. Keypairs give the developer the functionality to easily swap an on-screen value with its description. One prominent location for this could be on a report output page, in the Selection Criteria box, you could use this feature to return the description rather than the original code. See the video for an example.

May 2017

m-Power Dashboarding Upgrades

This enhancement brings both a redesign and new features to the m-Power Dashboard development and run-time environments. m-Power now offers a streamlined and improved interface for creating dashboards, specifying filter criteria, and pre-defining dashboard layouts. Developers can now offer a greater level of control and customization during dashboard creation. m-Power Dashboard users can now enjoy several new styles and themes for dashboards and charts, improved filter criteria options, and interactive chart drill downs.

Messaging and Scheduled Task "Testing Mode"

Testing mode provides developers the ability to send all emails generated from a task group to a single "Test" email address during development. This enhancement allows developers to validate the output of automated email processes while in development and testing while eliminating risks associated with production email addresses.

m-Power DX Data Store Management

This enhancement allows m-Power administrators a simple approach to manage objects saved at runtime, such as Dashboard and Data Explorer objects.

Application Security - Opt In Applications

This enhancement to the Application Security feature allows administrators to opt applications into role based security access. This is an added level of flexibility in addition to the default behavior that requires all applications be secured by roles when Application Security is enabled. From a use case perspective, the benefit to this enhancement is most notable for customers who just want to lock down a few applications, rather than having to restrict applications for an entire Data Dictionary.

Built-In "All Users" Role for Application Menuing

m-Power now provides a built-in "All Users" role to be assigned to any application used in the application menu or data set used (in m-Power DX). This feature streamlines the management of role based menuing by allowing administrators to quickly provide application access to all user roles.