Ticket #29018
I have a list of 13 email recipients in a scheduled task. I get the message I have exceeded 250-characters. Do I need to split it into two tasks? I read about a file but that sounds more like a maill merge.
Advised customer to utilize the Address Distribution List retrieval instead of hardcoding email addresses. https://www.mrc-productivity.com/docs/retrievals/address-distribution-list. In addition to using as many addresses as you wish, using a distribution list app, allows you to be much more dynamic with who receives emails. The distribution list is a retrieval that you would build over a table containing the email addresses in question. Once you have the distribution list retrieval created, be sure to specify which field contains the email address in the app properties. On the Recipients tab, click 'Select Application to Retrieve Addresses'. Select the appropriate distribution list retrieval you previously created. When the task is ran, any recipient in the distribution list will receive the emailed report.
Asked on May 20, 2019