Ticket #29108
Is there any way to make a maintainer stay on the searched option selected on a Grid Maintainer after updates have been applied?
Informed customer due to the fact that you are redirecting away from the page (despite coming right back) that is the reason you lose the filtered value upon coming back to the maintainer. As easy way you could accommodate for this is in your redirect link, pass the field that corresponds to the filter input right back to the maintainer. To do so, open your Grid Update in m-Painter (source mode). Scroll all the way to the bottom where you see the hidden inputs. Find the "upd_redir" input. In the value="" , add the full redirect link here that you currently using to come back to the maintainer with the success message but in addition also pass back to the app the field you are filtering over (see screenshot). ex. ESPINDOLA.M01270s?success=Y&val_FIELD=${page.val_FIELD} where "FIELD' is the field that drop-down from your screenshot is filtering on. If the user has filtered over that field, the value should be retain once the user performs updates in the Grid and gets redirected with the success message. If you want any additional filters to also 'stick' after the redirect, you'll need to add each additional field as another set of parameters to the "upd_redir" input value.
Asked on June 12, 2019