Ticket #29160
I have created a task, the 'Send a Regular Email' in the messaging utility. I've mapped fields to pass values from my maintainer to the retrieval I am using for the email. However when I receive the email, the values are not being substituted for the subject line.
Customer had provided screenshot of review screen for this particular task. After reviewing, it appeared that when he mapped the fields to the target application (in the Target Application tab) there was a space inserted after the fields mappings. Ex. FIELD1=FIELD1 , FIELD2=FIELD2 , FIELD3=FIELD3 Advised him to make sure there are no spaces before or after each of the fields you are mapping: Ex. FIELD1=FIELD1,FIELD2=FIELD2, FIELD3=FIELD3 This was indeed the issue for the customer, and once he made this correction the correct values were now showing up in the subject of the email.
Asked on June 24, 2019