Ticket #29167
I have a Display and Maintain rows maintainer and when I go to edit a record one the first time,it doesn't work, I get the error message "This record has changed since you selected it. Please try again." When I try to submit it again, then it is successful. I have no idea what is causing this as I am the only one modifying the record.
Issue was stemming from the fact that customer had a format code from Field Settings for one of the numeric sequence fields that included a comma separator (ex. '99,999.99'). When going to update the record, the app was honoring the selected display format of '1,000' and trying to use this for the sequence field to update the record instead of the actual value of '1000', and this caused the 'record has changed' message. Customer resolved by choosing a numeric format code for her numeric sequence field without a comma separator.
Asked on June 25, 2019