Ticket #29209
I have a Single Row retrieval that I am using for my email. I painted the app and changed the layout of the application HTML via m-Painter, and when I run the app to the browser, it looks good. However when I get my email message, the app content does not look good as if my painting is being completely ignored. What did I do wrong?
Informed customer he did not do anything wrong. The reason he is experiencing this behavior is due how m-Power apps get their styling. All m-Power apps are configured in the HTML source with relative links to point to CSS stylesheets that are stored on the m-Power server. When you run the apps in the browser, the applications can find these stylesheets that are local to the m-Power server and appropriately render the styles that make the app look good. However when you send an application via email, the content of the email you are technically viewing outside of m-Power and instead on your email server, which will not find these relative links to your stylesheets. That being said, there's two things you can try. 1) In the HTML source (m-Painter) of your application, you will find right at the top several links to your stylesheets (ex. "<link href="/mrcjava/assets/vendor/bootstrap/bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />" ). You can fully qualify these links with the full path to your m-Power server ex. (http://YOURMPOWERSERVERADDRESS/mrcjava/assets/vendor/bootstrap/bootstrap.css). Depending on your email server, this may or may not work. 2) Alternatively if the above doesn't work, you can use inline CSS styling in your source HTML to directly style the application to fit your needs. While CSS is technically custom code and not supported over helpdesk, there are plenty of online resources that can help you accomplish this.
Asked on July 11, 2019