Ticket #29359
Workflow Designer question. Is there a way to remove a condition or action without deleting all the child actions? Or in the conditions to be able to switch between true or false?
Advised customer that there's not a way to delete an action and preserve the child actions/conditions associated with it. However if you need to remove a step, you could technically just delete this one action/condition and preserve the child steps by doing the following: 1. Use the 'Copy Action' step to connect your next subsequent child step (and automatically all the logic underneath it) temporarily to somewhere else in the Workflow 2. Remove the existing connection to the action/condition you plan to delete 3. Now delete this one condition/action. 4. Reconnect back all the child logic to whatever correct action/condition you want it tied to, making sure to remove the temporary connection you made in step 1. This would be one way to preserve your child actions. As for switching true false conditions, not a way to do this either. You could employ this same method I've outlined above if necessary in a very similar fashion, however keep in mind I suggest this approach more as secondary option granted recreating all the child actions would be too long a process to begin with.
Asked on August 12, 2019