Ticket #29366
Hope you can help me with this. For some reason the in the range function is not working with the records selection. If you select 'in the range' it only allows you to select one date not two. How do you get this to work?
Informed customer the calendar picker widget will only allow you to return one value to the input box. The 'in the range' option does work, however to put in a second date the user would have to manually type this in after the first date has been selected or typed in. Now depending on your end-users, that may not be very user friendly. A better approach to this that I have done is to use my date field as a greater than relationship, and then create a calculation that is equal to your date field and have this calculation serve as a less than relationship. You'll have two separate inputs where you can still do a range and use a calendar picker for each date criteria. Then once you rebuild the application (need to overwrite the Selections Dialog HTML) you'll have the two inputs which you can set to always be less than and greater relationships. This can then serve as your range.
Asked on August 13, 2019